Built-in Managers

TCM has a series of built in “Managers”

A basic license to TCM includes nine Managers that make it easier to keep track of every aspect of fundraising. Learn what you can accomplish with our built-in Managers for contacts, campaigns, membership, events, volunteers, board and committees, lists, and build reports.

BasicLicenseWatch this video to see how easy it is to use TCM and all nine built-in managers.




Contact Manager

  • Organize unlimited donors and contacts with as many user defined fields and dropdowns as your hardware can accommodate.
  • Store unlimited phone, e-mail and addresses for each contact.
  • Open multiple contacts at one time.
  • Use the highlighted “DASHBOARD” to assess overall participation among donors/contacts.
  • Track multiple relationships of your donors and contacts.
  • Import data with ease using Import Wizard.
  • Provide duplicate record checking.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Outlook Task Manager, Calendar and e-mail.
  • Use the integrated “Reminder” function to keep donor relationships fresh.
  • Automatically adjust mailing dates to accommodate seasonal residents.

Campaign Manager

  • Organize multiple campaigns – cash and/or pledged gifts.
  • Moves Management
  • Customize your one-time (appeals) or ongoing (capital campaigns, memorials) campaigns.
  • Track relationships between donors and families, foundations and companies.
  • Track multiple individual donations and a donor’s entire campaign history.
  • Easily communicate with all of your donors or segmented groups.
  • Generate personalized thank you letters and envelopes, by date of gift and /or donation amounts.
  • Create pledge/cash posting reports to balance against your accounting software.
  • Facilitate overall budget development by creating campaign opening and closing amounts based on results from the previous year.
  • Easy posting of multiple gifts to a single campaign.

Membership Manager

  • Create user defined membership categories and dues.
  • Track important dates including when a member joined, last paid canceled, and upcoming expiration for easy renewal.
  • Create Membership Cards.

List Manager

  • Create categories for individuals and groups to streamline donor and Contact communications
  • Use categories and reminders to strengthen donor relationships.
  • Build specialized lists from any Manager within Total Community Manager.
  • Hide lists that are inactive, while ensuring that important data and organizational history is preserved.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Constant Contact.
  • Communicate to any list via mail merge or e-mail.

Event Manager

  • Register participants for unlimited events.
  • Track payments for each event.
  • Hide events that are inactive while ensuring that important data and organizational history are preserved.
  • Add as much detail as you like, the notes field can accommodate extensive amounts of information.
  • Communicate to any event roster via mail merge or e-mail.

Volunteer Manager

  • Track cumulative hours for each volunteer.
  • Track volunteer “jobs”.
  • Understand overall participation with your organization. (Sometimes volunteers make the best Donors!)
  • Generate reports on individual volunteers
  • Integrate with property visits and volunteers in the Land Trust Manager.
  • Encourage volunteers to use the Remote Volunteer Tool to submit their hours and provide project updates from any device with Internet access.

RemoteVolunteerWatch this overview of Remote Volunteer




Board and Committee Manager

  • Track your Board of Directors and agency / community committees.
  • Track the terms and positions of each Board and Committee member.
  • Maintain your organization’s lay leadership history.

Report Builder

  • Create reports that organize your data and clarify how to maximize your fundraising efforts.
  • Select fields from multiple TCM Managers to create a single concise report.
  • Produce pledge and membership cards.
  • Customize reports in TCM’s online library, including reports built by other TCM users.
  • Export reports into other programs/formats (e.g. Excel and Word) with the click of a button.

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